Ezlearn Zoom Apps Documentation

  1. Installation
    1. For teacher account of ezlearn
    2. Login at https://ezlearn.my/login
    3. Go to teacher dashboard https://ezlearn.my/teacher-dashboard
    4. Teacher can create course, module of course, lecture for each module, batch for the course.
    5. Finally, go to batch teacher-course-batch click the online class and create online class.
    6. The installation will be done here.
    7. After the Oauth Authentication is done, teacher can fill the information and create meeting.
    8. Teacher can also delete the meeting and update the attendance.
  2. Usage
    1. Create Meeting
      1. Teacher can create zoom meeting
    2. Edit Meeting
      1. Teacher can edit zoom meeting
    3. Delete Meeting
      1. Teacher can delete zoom meeting
    4. Update Attendance
      1. Teacher can update attendance of meeting after end of meeting
  3. Uninstallation
    1. Deauthorizing the Ezlearn
      1. Login to your Zoom account at https://marketplace.zoom.us/
      2. Navigate to https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed
      3. Click on the uninstall button